Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years if your definition of it is using fumes, oils and extracts from plants for therapeutic, ritualistic and recreational purposes.


Modern Aromatherapy is all about Essential Oils (EO's) and their said properties.

I do not claim these oils do more than smell nice on single-use especially. There is plenty of online information about Essential oils and everybody is free to believe it or not.



I use EO's in most my oil blends, butters, creams, sprays, soaps, compress, etc. so naturally I use some for massage as well. You can even choose  5 out of  21 EO's (at the moment) for the lotion you get massaged with. It's all in the Mmm form.

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I qualified as a massage therapist in 2012, with the highest grades, started working right away, and continued enhancing my knowledge and skills ever since.

I started practice in the Uk in late 2014, in a spa resort in Hampshire. After 3 years I began a massage service; optimized the therapy sessions to suit the needs, goals, and desires of each individual as much as possible.

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