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Do you feel like work is making you ill? Well... it probably is! 1.3 milion workers have reporrted so in 2016/17.

-stattistics from ,the Health and Safety Executive website.

You already know about stress and muscloskelal pain relief and the statistics speak for themselfs.

So what is Mimm! Work relief?

Apart from being apart of Mixed Massage Modality, it's also a way for you to have a productive break during your work day. I say productive becouse if your body feels great and your mind is clear you will work more efficiantly.

How it works?

Depents what you do for work, and any profession can be accomodated. Each type of work has it's own chalanges, repetitive strains or prostural disorders and have to be treated accordingly.


For example if you work in an office you and your coleagues may suffer from back, shoulder, neck disorders or be prone to repetitive strains like carple tunnel. Not even gona mention stress anymore, I'm sure you can relate by now.

You can bennefiit from neck, shoulders, head, uper back,arm and hand massages without even having to take any clothes of, on my super comfortable massage chair.

Even 15 minute per person makes big difference and the price can be surprisingly cheap if you have enough collegues to follow your lead.

Even better talk to your mannager about getting all you guys on my work relief plan!

This can include

  • postural analisis

  • workspace ergonomic setups

  • 15/20/30 minute chair massages

  • ergonomic workshops

  • stretches

  • therapeutic exersises

Pick and choose what's right for you and contact me for a quote.

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