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My story so far...

It begins fairly traumatic as, I was too big for my mother’s womb so I was born with a crooked back & neck and misshapen head. Luckily my grandmother used to be a nurse in a physio recovery centre and gently massaged me into shape.


I was brought up in Romania by my grandmother, a very strong woman that lost her husband in her 30’s, never loved another man and single-handedly raised 2 daughters.


My father was a professional cyclist in his youth and always liked History, Geography and working with his hands. My mother took quite a big interest in allopathic medicine, but has had career in I.T.

I went to the local university to study public administration. I also started volunteering in a human rights N.G.O, a student association and worked for a political party.After a few years on this path I had a revelation that I am ment acomplish other things. I rediscovered  my fascination for history and for music  which I still hold.


After uni, I started working in an office for more than 10 hours a day and after about a year my body and mind could take it anymore. I was in pain and I felt like I have no real purpose anymore.

 I started seeing a massage therapist and I was not only feeling better but also inspired. I decided to start over and become a therapist myself.


I went back to school and found this amazing, passionate teacher that taught us more than what was required in the curriculum. Teasers of what else is out there waiting to be discovered. I passed my state exam with the highest grade, a perfect 10, and qualified in somatic (body) massage, therapeutic massage, reflexology and lymphatic drainage.


I was lucky to find work right away in a local hotel where the only couple of therapists just left. I wanted more and after a few months, I started working in a gym also. After another few months having about 1 year of experience in the field, I found an opportunity to work in a 5-star resort in Crete and I took it.

There I started practising also aromatherapy, hot stones, holistic, and 4 hands massages. Eventually, I had to go back home when the season ended.

I started working for myself but I still wanted to travel so in October 2014 I started working in a very prestigious health resort in England. Here I trained in hot poultice massage, lava shells, started doing facials which got me interested in skincare and for a while (about 2 years) I was the only one performing sports & remedial massage apart from 1 or 2 freelancers. I had the honour to work alongside 2 physiotherapists, a variety of international massage therapists with different modalities, quite a lot of beauticians and cosmetologists. Eventualy I reduced my hours from 40 to 24 a week, but stated to work in private as well.  The extra free time I had proveded constructive as I got a chance to study and experiment with IASTM, cupping massage, guasha which took my therapy to the next level.

I left the spa in December 2017 to have more time for myself and my clients. Also left some therapies behind as well as the 50-minute sessions with consultation included and the fairly new itchy plastic uniforms. Went back to cotton shirts , longer sessions, natural oils and butters and started to build up my practice from there.

 I have a very curious mind so I research and read daily.  Not just about all kinds of massage modalities, other types of bodywork, anatomy, physiotherapy, fitness, nutrition and skin care. I also enjoy other subjects like history, religion, spirituality, genetics and music. I'm sure we'll find something to talk about when we meet.


That's about it for now,

All the best,


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