Special Offers

Location Discounts

Pending on your location I may be able to offer you a discount. Especially to residents of Grayshott and Hindhead.But you have to usualy ask me for it.

Multiple Bookings Discounts

If you book 2 sessions or more at the same time and location or if you pay for multiple sessions in advance you can receive a discount (does not apply to work places). Contact me for more information.

Philosophical and friendly meetings
Facial Massage and Homemade Products

A truly Unique take on hot stones, carefully chosen for their unique shapes and textures, are steamed in water with a few drops of desired essential oils and then used alongside hands and arms and the dead sea salt scrub to stimulate the senses, exfoliate,  cleanse and alleviate pain.Can be used a long side ice cold stones to reduce inflammation or to cool down if necessary.


I deliver a facial massage with emphasis on massage rather than products. I believe nature can provide better skin care solutions than any chemicals.

That’s why I’ve been experimenting with homemade beauty products for about a year, some of which you can make yourself and use whenever you want. Why not learn how!